Robinson 22

Robinson R22

Many manufacturers have attempted to produce a "personal" helicopter but only designer and engineer Frank Robinson has managed to achieve this goal.

The first Robinson R22 flew in 1975 with certified production starting 4 years later - now more than 5000 R22 helicopters have been delivered to more than 60 countries worldwide. The R22 is a 2 seat helicopter that has changed the use and ownership of helicopters over recent years. Low maintenance and running costs have made the R22 the most dominant light piston helicopter in the world and the R22 holds every performance record in its weight class including speed, altitude, and distance.

In use by many helicopter training schools the R22 is also used for diverse operations such as Police traffic patrols and cattle / sheep mustering in Australia.  It is also used by a small number of armed forces as a basic training helicopter.

Engine                  Single Lycoming 4 cylinder piston

Overall Length       8.8m

Rotor Diameter      7.7m

Maximum Speed    108mph

Range                   387km

Maximum Carrying capacity 623kg