Robinson 44

Robinson R44


The Robinson R44 helicopter followed on from the successful R22 after demand from customers for a larger version. The R44 has 4 seats and delivers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter but at an affordable piston engined helicopter price.

The R44 Raven is offered in two models.

The R44 Raven I offers performance similar to a small turbine helicopter combined with high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, and hydraulic controls. This model is also available with fixed-utility floats as a Clipper I model.

The increased performance R44 Raven II is designed for increased payload, higher altitudes, and faster speeds. The latest in the R44 line it is also available as a Clipper II, Police specification, and Newscopter variants.

Engine                    Single Lycoming 6 cylinder piston

Overall Length        11.5m

Rotor Diameter       10m

Maximum Speed     130mph

Range                     415km

Maximum Carrying capacity  1088kg