SA341 Gazelle

SA341 Gazelle


The SA341 Gazelle was produced as part of an Anglo-French venture between Westland and Aerospatiale.

It flew for the first time on 7 April 1967 and is still one of the fastest helicopters ever built. It introduced two major advances over the Alouette family namely a semi rigid rotor with glass fibre blades and the fenstrom shrouded multiblade tail rotor housed in a duct inside the fin.

It is used extensively with the military in a variety of roles and is designated Gazelle AH Mk 1 by the British Army Air Corps. It is used for observation, training, close support and transport roles. The French army are the largest operators of the Gazelle utilising them in the light attack role.

Engine                Single Turbomeca Astazou Turbine

Overall Length    12m

Rotor Diameter   10.5m

Maximum Speed 164mph

Range                  671km

Maximum Carrying capacity 1000kg