Alouette II

Alouette II

The Alouette II was the first turbine-powered helicopter in the world and first flew in 1955. It is a 4 seat helicopter with an open framework rear fuselage.

In civilian use it is used extensively in high altitude logging and mountain work and is one of the most successful civil and military light helicopters produced.

Although suited to many commercial roles, it has been used by a number of armed forces worldwide for military operations such as observation, liaison, search and rescue, training and casualty evacuation.

One version of the Alouette II holds the world altitude record set on June 6, 1955 by Jean Boulet. It has also carried out the first ever mountain rescue at a height of more than 4000 meters in 1957.

Engine                 Single Astazou Turbine

Overall Length     12.9m

Rotor Diameter    11m

Maximum Speed  120mph

Range                  797km

Maximum Carrying capacity 1135kg