MD 500

MD 500

The successful Hughes 500 series helicopter was designed to fill a U.S. Army requirement for a light observation helicopter and first flew in February 1963. Hughes had at that time already planned a civil version of the helicopter the Model 369, which was eventually marketed as the Hughes 500 in either a five or seven seat configuration. The Hughes 500 established no fewer than 23 world records in March-April 1966.

As civilian helicopter the Hughes 500 series has been operated in Police, EMS ambulance and corporate passenger carrying roles.

In 1976, the D version was introduced with increased power, a five bladed main rotor and a T-tail. It was subsequently followed by the E model, with a redesigned and increased cabin space.

In January 1984, Hughes Helicopters was acquired by McDonnell Douglas. McDonnell Douglas eventually merged with the Boeing Aircraft Corporation in 1997.

Engine                      Single Allison turboshaft

Overall Length          9.4m

Rotor Diameter         8.5m

Maximum Speed      155mph

Range                       605km

Maximum Carrying capacity 1157kg